Taylor Solomon

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Office: (315) 458 9000

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CENTURY 21 Tucci Realty
5863 E. Circle Drive Suite 30
Cicero, NY 13039
(315) 458-9000

Customer Reviews

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Josh Harrison Fulton | Buyer
Taylor was not pushy didn't say oh your budget is x let's double it like I have had other realiters do in the past she respected my needs and time and was easily the best experience of the 4 houses I have bought. She reaserched exactly what I was looking for and made since for me. Other experiences iv had in the past were not helpful. I basically paid ppl to waist my time Taylor was great. She del ... ivered for me and super responsive.

Cannot say enough good things Taylor was a shining star I wish I could always have her be my agent.

I would recommend her to anyone buying in the aria and if I can get her for my next home buying I will!!
MaryKate Stania, Constantia | Buyer
Taylor was a dream to work with. This was our first home purchase and not conventional, as it was not listed. She made the process clear, easy, and fun! I would recommend Taylor's services to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home.

Taylor does a wonderful job of being professional, yet approachable and easy to talk with. I had many questions as an uninformed buyer, this purchas ... e fell into our laps, and we were not actively looking to purchase. Taylor never made me feel uncomfortable asking anything about the process or our property, she always has knowledgeable answers and suggestions. I would not hesitate to recommend Taylor.
Tamara Lippert (Tully, NY) | Seller
I felt comfortable dealing with Taylor. I contacted her at every hour of the day and she replied immediately. It helps when you know and trust the family. Taylor has always been very courteous to my mom and dad.
Nick Bucci - solvay NY | Seller
Taylor is responsive, prompt, and inherently skilled in our modern electronic world.

With the help of her broker the house was priced correctly and I received multiple offers within 24 hours meeting the purchase price. We ended up closing for over the asking price.

The only reason it took so long to close is because the buyers kept postponing.

Taylor is a you ... ng agent who is knowledgeable, personable, and well positioned for a bright future career in real estate.


CENTURY 21 Tucci Realty
5863 E. Circle Drive Suite 30
Cicero, NY 13039
(315) 458-9000
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